Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sledding With The Moon's

While we were down in Utah over Christmas, we went sledding with my family.  We did it the lazy way, behind a 4-wheeler, but it was a ton of fun.  Ziah was cold most of the time, and wanted to be held a lot.
 Tean had a blast!  He loved riding on the sleds.  He always wanted to be on one and didn't want to take turns.
 I took Ziah out a couple of times.  He didn't hate it, but he wasn't laughing about it either.

 Tean had fun riding along with his cousins.

 Ziah even went around on the 4-wheelers.  He normally loves this, but I think it was a little too cold for him.

 I was so proud of Tean for being so brave.  Usually he is very cautious, he doesn't even like to go down big slides.  But while sledding he had so much fun.  He got thrown off and scraped up his face again.  He came over to me crying, I kissed him, and was surprised when right after he said he wanted to go back on.  I thought for sure he would say he was done, but he wasn't.

 Jake even got pulled around on the 4-wheeler along with Aaron.

 While there, Tean got to ride his cousin's new 4-wheeler.  Tean had a ton of fun riding it around by himself.  He now says that he can ride our little one all by himself, but I'm not so sure about that.
It was great hanging out with family and having fun in the snow!

Moon Family Christmas Party

The Saturday after Christmas, we had the Moon Family Christmas party.  I was in charge of it.  Jake and I decided to do a dinner and serve the kinds of food that Mary and Joseph would have eaten.  I assigned each family a part of the nativity to talk about or a musical number.  We started off by talking about Mary and Joseph and then we ate.  We had salmon, rice, pita bread, hummus, fruit, nuts and sparkling grape juice.

After we ate, we finished up the nativity with people talking about all the other parts.  I forgot about taking pictures until the end, so I don't have a lot of anything.
 I thought it went fairly well, even though I don't think too many were fans of the food, but I felt the spirit as we reflected about the birth of Christ and celebrated His birth.

 It was great to see most of the family.  Everyone was able to be there except Mom and Dad, and Sheldon and Stacy.

Future Boxer?

Ziah loved playing with these boxing gloves when we were visiting my sister.

Ziah also loves to put shoes on his hands.
 He thinks it is the funniest thing.  He especially loves doing it with daddy's shoes.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tean's Second Lost Tooth

A couple days after Christmas, we went down to Utah for my family's Christmas party.  We stayed at Milisa and Lance's house while we were there.  One night, Tean was playing with Brody and Lance and all of a sudden he yelled out that his tooth came out.  His second front tooth had been loose for a long time and he was afraid to just yank it out.  It finally came out!

He wanted to wait until we got back home to set it out for the tooth fairy because he wasn't sure if the tooth fairy would find his tooth at his cousin's house.  

Grandma and Grandpa's on Christmas Day

After we opened our presents and talked with my parents, we headed up to Jake's parent's house to spend Christmas with them.  We took up our present that we got his parents, a "Bug Assault."  It was a gun that shoots salt at flies and kills them.  It was pretty cool.  Everyone loved using it to kill all the flies that were around the house.
 Ziah had a fun time playing with his new toy from Grandma with his cousin Alaina.
 He thought it was silly to put half of the ball on his face.
 Tean loved shooting the gun that we got for Grandma and Grandpa.
 Ziah loves to play with shoes.  He is always trying to put on daddy's shoes.  He found some boots up at Grandma's house and convinced Alaina to help him wear them.  He thought it was great.
We had fun on Christmas Day hanging out with family, having a wonderful Christmas dinner, and playing games with each other.

Christmas Morning

On Christmas Morning, Tean woke up around 8:15 and came into our room so excited because Santa had eaten all of the cookies and milk that he put out the night before.  We had to wake up Ziah, then we went to see what Santa brought and open up presenents.
 Tean was excited to go see what Santa brought him
 Tean had asked Santa for a remote control truck, and was excited when he saw that he got one.
 Ziah was super excited about his push jeep that he got.
 Tean had to look through his stocking to see what Santa put in there.
 Ziah was just happy playing with his jeep.
 Jake's business associate from China sent Tean this cool bike for Christmas.
 Tean couldn't wait to open up the rest of his presents under the tree.
 Ziah still just wanted to play with his jeep.
 We finally got him to open at least one present.
 It was a while before Ziah was interested in opening his presents from under the tree.
 Tean was excited to start playing with his presents.  Daddy was awesome and put together cooties for him and play it with him.
After playing Cooties, Tean wanted to try out his new bike outside.
He had a great time riding it around, even though there was snow.
Ziah had fun riding his new jeep around, too.
We had a great Christmas and loved being together as a family to celebrate Christ's Birth.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Best Bowling

A couple weeks before Christmas, we decided to go bowling as a family.  On our second game, Jake did AWESOME bowling.  He got his second best bowling game ever.  The game before he also got a turkey, so  that was two turkeys in one night!

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, we went up to Jake's brother's house in Idaho Falls to celebrate.  We first had our dinner of food that Mary and Joseph would have eaten.  We had fish, rice, flat bread, hummus, olives, nuts, fruit and lamb.  It was really good.  I really like it because it helps me to think about the time when Jesus was born.  

After dinner, we did the Nativity.  Tean wanted to be a shepherd this year.
He was a shepherd with his cousin Ben.
 We tried to get Ziah to be King Herod, but he didn't want to keep the crown on his head for very long.
 Before doing the Nativity we had to get a picture of everyone in their costumes.
 Jake was the donkey again this year.
 Tean had fun being the shepherd and listening to the angels tell about the birth of baby Jesus.

 Ziah wanted in on the action of worshiping baby Jesus.
 Ziah ended up playing Jesus as an infant when the wisemen came to see baby Jesus.
 We had a great time acting out the Nativity.  I love the Christmas season when we can remember Jesus, His birth, and everything the He did for us.

After acting out the Nativity, everyone got to choose one Christmas song to sing.  Ziah just wanted to play with the tree and the presents during the singing.  I love the spirit that the singing brings.
 After singing, Tean and Ziah opened one present.

Ziah thought it was funnier to bang his head with his present instead of opening it.
 Of course, they were pajamas.
We had a great time celebrating with family the birth of our Savior.  I love everything about Christmas and am so thankful for all the blessings we have had this year in our family.  I know the Lord has truly blessed us.