Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sledding With The Moon's

While we were down in Utah over Christmas, we went sledding with my family.  We did it the lazy way, behind a 4-wheeler, but it was a ton of fun.  Ziah was cold most of the time, and wanted to be held a lot.
 Tean had a blast!  He loved riding on the sleds.  He always wanted to be on one and didn't want to take turns.
 I took Ziah out a couple of times.  He didn't hate it, but he wasn't laughing about it either.

 Tean had fun riding along with his cousins.

 Ziah even went around on the 4-wheelers.  He normally loves this, but I think it was a little too cold for him.

 I was so proud of Tean for being so brave.  Usually he is very cautious, he doesn't even like to go down big slides.  But while sledding he had so much fun.  He got thrown off and scraped up his face again.  He came over to me crying, I kissed him, and was surprised when right after he said he wanted to go back on.  I thought for sure he would say he was done, but he wasn't.

 Jake even got pulled around on the 4-wheeler along with Aaron.

 While there, Tean got to ride his cousin's new 4-wheeler.  Tean had a ton of fun riding it around by himself.  He now says that he can ride our little one all by himself, but I'm not so sure about that.
It was great hanging out with family and having fun in the snow!

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